#WEDNESDAYWHIMSY: Popstars meet giant flying bugs.

I’m getting in just under the wire on this Wednesday blog! To be honest, I’m not sure what my theme should be for Wednesdays, so I just kinda threw this at a wall and we’ll see if it sticks.

Originally, I was going to write another post inspired by a Buzzfeed video — 3-ingredient Nutella Brownies — but SPOILER ALERT: 3-ingredient Nutella Brownies are disgusting. Apparently you can’t just save a crappy recipe with Nutella. You need the good stuff like butter and sugar and real chocolate to make anything resembling a brownie. Thanks for nothin’, Buzzfeed!

So instead, for today’s #WednesdayWhimsy, you’re going to enjoy this video of a bug flying into Jade’s hair from British pop group Little Mix. These girls can do no wrong, in my book. I kinda always want to dislike them, but I just can’t. They’re so cute and nice. And to be honest, I would have also run off the stage if a giant bug was threatening to fly into my hair. I screamed in terror just this afternoon when I was caught in the middle of a tornado of dragon flies!

Internet, what is your reaction when you see a giant flying bug headed your way? I’m going to learn how to karate chop them towards the direction of my enemies.

PS – Do we want to theme this day as WednesdayWhimsy, or is WeirdWednesday more appropriate? Bugs in your hair are pretty weird…. Let me know in the comments!

#SASSYOVERTHIRTY: In memory of my Nokia 3300

I’m back! Posting two days in a row whaaaaatttt?! I know. It’s crazy.

Yesterday while playing in my favorite playground, the internet, a Buzzfeed video caught my attention. It featured a bunch of teens using flip phones for the first time, you can watch it below. This comes hot on the heels, by the way, of my friend telling me that she works with a bunch of children who don’t know anything about JNCO jeans. SCUZE ME? A 90S FASHION STAPLE. But that is for another post.

Seeing these little kids not knowin’ anything about the joys of a flip phone got me thinking about my favorite pre-smartphone-era cell phone. I have lived happily and with loyalty in Kingdom iPhone for almost 8 years now, but before the original iPhone took over my life (DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN IT DIDN’T HAVE AN APP STORE??), my best friend was the Nokia 3300!

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 9.19.11 AMThis little beauty had a full QWERTY keyboard which made it easy to rack up those expensive text message bills of 2004. It also had the at the time unheard of feature of 64 MB (yes, MEGABYTES!) of storage which I used to store 5 whole MP3s.

In fact, I am pretty sure those songs were:

  1. In This Diary – The Ataris
  2. This Year’s Love – David Gray
  3. Seven Days a Week – The Sounds
  4. Faded – Soul Decision
  5. Ocean Avenue – Yellowcard

I only remember this tiny playlist because when you only have 5 MP3s on your phone, you listen to them A LOT on the long cross-town bus ride to class.

Anyway, while technically not a flip phone (I wouldn’t know the joy of the amazing Motorola RAZR until 2005), my little Nokia was the best phone in the entire world. I kept that thing for like three years. THREE! YEARS! Nowadays, if I make it 13 months without upgrading, I feel accomplished.

I also really appreciated the durability of these pre-smartphone phones. I could throw the 3300 across the room at a wall and it would be just fine. And I did throw it across the room at a wall. Many times. I was a teen! These days, my iPhone never leaves its protective Kate Space Contour case. It’s beautiful gold facade has never seen the light of day. I am too afraid of smashing it’s delicate little body. You could take a lesson from the phones of yesteryear, iPhone!

My little baby Nokia finally kicked the bucket in 2005 when I took it to China and somehow shorted it out. It never turned on again. I was devastated. But ad astra per aspera, I upgraded to the aforementioned RAZR which finally gave me the satisfaction of being able to slam it shut to end a phone call, which somehow felt even better than throwing it across the room at a wall. Thanks Motorola for helping to curb my violent teenage tendencies!

Here’s the Buzzfeed video for your viewing pleasure:

Kids these days, I swear.

Nick MIller

Fabulously Mediocre

I’ve changed the theme on this abandoned blog like 6 times in the last two weeks. I think I like this one the best, so maybe it’ll stick around. I think the header is off center. Fabulously mediocre indeed, yeah?

Anyway, welcome back to Sassy Brunette! A blog all about the things I love: the internet, having unpopular opinions, and probably makeup. I really like makeup. I hope to update at least once a week but no promises. I’ve been an on-and-off blogger for about 15 years now and if my track record is any indication, you may not be seeing much of me by the end of the year, but I’m going to try to make an effort!

After what feels like 100 years of urging her to do so, my friend Julie over at pinkydavis.com finally started her blog and has been going strong for two whole weeks! I’m inspired by her newfound determination. Also we both want to be internet famous one day and that’s not possible if we have no content. Just bein’ honest!

So, there you have it. A small re-intro to my world of mediocrity. See you on the internet!

Justin Timberlake at the Fillmore Miami Beach

In the spirit of actually using this blog that I pay for every month, I’m going to nonsensically post about what I did last night. That’s what blogs are for, right? Is this thing on? Am I internetting correctly?

So I had the opportunity to go to a private event at the Fillmore in Miami Beach last night, to see Justin Timberlake as a Priceless event for MasterCard cardholders. Jay Z and Justin had their last show for the Legends of Summer Tour at SunLife Stadium in Miami Gardens, and this Priceless event was an aftershow.

Almost time y'all!!

A photo posted by Celisse Wordpower (@cleeez) on

I have to say, I am old. I am ALMOST THIRTY. That is ancient, in Celisse years. Celisse years are kinda like dog years. Anyone more than a year younger than I am is a child, and anyone slightly older than I am is a fossil. Don’t ask questions, just love me for who I am.

Being old, staying up past my bedtime of around 12:30AM is a rare occurrence but, let me tell you, IT WAS WORTH IT to see Justin Timberlake in all of his glory.

I'm here I'm here!!! @justintimberlake #pricelessmiami @fillmoremb

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The Fillmore is a pretty small venue to begin with. Coupled with the fact that it was being marketed as a small, intimate event, and the fact that I got there ridiculously early, I was able to grab my drank (a margarita, natch) and camp out pretty close to the stage.

Unrelated anecdote: Even though the event was 21+, I still got carded at the bar. HILARIOUS, AND AWESOME. The old turd behind me in the line yelled at the bartender, saying, “They checked our ID’s at the door! You don’t have to card her!” I just yelled back, “BUDDY I AM ALMOST THIRTY HE CAN CARD ME ALL HE WANTS.”

I am the most charming person alive. *hair flip.* ANYWAY.

Last night. #latergram #fillmore

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J.Tim arrived fashionably late due to the Legends of Summer show being delayed, but there was a DJ at the show keeping the oldies dancing and the rest of us from falling asleep. Seriously, there were a lot of elderly couples making out at this show. It was a little awkward. Whateva, get it get it, I guess.

THREE SEMI-AGONIZING HOURS LATER, Justin finally went on stage around 2:30AM. AHHHH.

No but seriously. #swoon #justintimberlake #latergram #fillmore

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It was as magical as can be expected. Actually, it exceeded all expectations. I have to say, although I adore Justin Timberlake and have been a fan since his MMC days, I have never had much of a crush on him. I’ve just always wanted to be his very best friend and hang out on his yacht. Yeah. But A PARADIGM WAS SHIFTED DURING THIS SHOW, PEOPLE. I FELL INTO HIS TRAP. We must have made eye contact like, 3 or 4 or 18 times and, well, SWOON. I’m officially in love. Sorry, Jessica Biel.

Justin played all my favorite songs, which is mostly a whole bunch of stuff from FutureSex/LoveSound and Justified, and some from 20/20 as well. Overall it was just a super fun set that everyone could sing along and dance to.

Apologizing in advance for the quality because I am NOT a videographer by any stretch of the imagination, I’ll let the videos do the rest of the talking:


A video posted by Celisse Wordpower (@cleeez) on

#lovestoned @justintimberlake #pricelessmiami I'm in LOOOOVE. 😍😍😍😍😍

A video posted by Celisse Wordpower (@cleeez) on

So, yeah. Great show and I’m so excited I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with a legend. THANKS, UNIVERSE!

SBC Episode 3: Keys to the City, an Honorary Sham.

itunes pic

In this episode I discuss the lack of ~*~BLACK FRIDAY DEALS~*~*, ask questions about Keys to the City, and judge the Kardashians. A lot. Leave comments at SassyBrunette.com and follow me on Twitter at twitter.com/celisse!

Sassy Brunette Chronicles: EMERGENCY CARCAST – I Hate Halloween


Halloween is my least favorite holiday for many different reasons. I go into detail about the most recent reason for my Halloween Hatred in this EMERGENCY EPISODE of the SBC, recorded from my other studio, my car.

Also, while you’re out and about on the innernets, check out my podcast nemesis, NotThatPaulyD.com!

Sassy Brunette Chronicles: Episode 1.

So I’ve been podcasting for a long time, but I took a bit of a break from it for the past, I don’t know… four years or something. This is my entry back into the ridiculous world of talking into a mic for 7 minutes straight alone in my room.

Anyway I just submitted it today to iTunes so cross your fingers and I will hopefully be coming soon to a media player near you! In the mean time you can visit and subscribe to the SBC on PodOMatic by visiting http://wrdpwr.podomatic.com!