SB Review: Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow

9 Sep IMG_4572

Stila has done it again, forcing me to give in to one of their gimmicks and pick up their new Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow. Last time I fell for their tricks, it was the Countless Color Pigments that came out earlier this year. I bought two of them and didn’t love them, but they’re alright.

Overall, I do love Stila products and they do know how to create interesting collections that catch my eye, which is why I always come back to them.

The Magnificent Metals collection is brand spankin’ new and retails for $32.00 at Sephora. It comes in 12 gorgeous shades, packed to the brim with more glitter than a Ke$ha concert. It’s a good thing, I promise.


I purchased the color Vintage Black Gold, which is a mega goldy color with a dark base which gives it some dimension. I love gold eyeshadows and have quite a few because I feel like it makes my boring brown eyes stand out more, so I’m always looking to add to my collection of golds.

The eyeshadow feels like your average cream eyeshadow (think Maybelline’s 24 Hour Tattoo shadows), but is a little bit chunkier straight out of the pot due to all of the glitter. I would not recommend using this product with a brush because it can be quite messy. The best and cleanest application will be with your fingers so don’t be afraid to get down and dirty with it!

I should mention that a little bit truly goes a LONG way with this product so always start off with a little less than you think you need. You can always add more later.

The product comes with a teeny tiny bottle of Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Eye Primer, and a little mixing palette. On the package it is recommended that you use 1-2 full drops of the primer with a dab of the eyeshadow, but you can use this product several ways and even skip the primer. I personally don’t like the primer because it is very watery and makes the shadow too liquid-y in my opinion, but that is what will give you a gorgeous foil finish.

I have a couple of terrible swatches below:

photo 1

This is with the TINIEST dab, blended out, without the primer. As you can see it is a very sheer glitter/shimmer finish. This would be nice for a pop of something extra over a nude  eye look.

photo 3

This is with a small dab of the eyeshadow, and 1 big drop of the primer. The drop was way too much. I would say half a drop or one small drop MAX will be enough. You can see from this swatch that the primer helps the chunkiness of the shadow go down a lot and all that’s left is a lovely smooth foil finish.

I like the chunky look quite a bit, so I wore the following look for a party a few nights ago:


I used the Magnificent Metals eyeshadow with a tiny drop of the primer over some shadows from my Stila In The Light palette, and with my Maybelline 24 Hour Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow in Pomegranate Punk as a base. Then I went back with a dry finger and popped some more of the Magnificent Metals straight from the pot for that extra glittery look.

I also used the shadow by itself and with no primer for an afternoon two days ago and am happy to report that I didn’t experience any creasing or fall-out. I haven’t tested the all-day power of this product yet but I used it on a sweaty, humid Miami night and didn’t have any problems. I’ll update you with my thoughts after a typical work-day if there are any issues there.

Overall, I like this product a lot, but I don’t love the price tag. $32 is hefty for a single eyeshadow, and I don’t like the primer it comes with, so there’s that. I would like to purchase some more but I think I’ll stop by Sephora and swatch the other colors to make sure I really like them before I drop a pretty penny on any of them.

Let me know your thoughts on the Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadows! Do you love? Are you kinda meh about it? If you’ve tried any of them, let me know how you’ve liked them in the comments!

xoxo, Celisse

Justin Timberlake at the Fillmore Miami Beach

18 Aug IMG_4346

In the spirit of actually using this blog that I pay for every month, I’m going to nonsensically post about what I did last night. That’s what blogs are for, right? Is this thing on? Am I internetting correctly?

So I had the opportunity to go to a private event at the Fillmore in Miami Beach last night, to see Justin Timberlake as a Priceless event for MasterCard cardholders. Jay Z and Justin had their last show for the Legends of Summer Tour at SunLife Stadium in Miami Gardens, and this Priceless event was an aftershow.

Almost time y'all!!

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I have to say, I am old. I am ALMOST THIRTY. That is ancient, in Celisse years. Celisse years are kinda like dog years. Anyone more than a year younger than I am is a child, and anyone slightly older than I am is a fossil. Don’t ask questions, just love me for who I am.

Being old, staying up past my bedtime of around 12:30AM is a rare occurrence but, let me tell you, IT WAS WORTH IT to see Justin Timberlake in all of his glory.

I'm here I'm here!!! @justintimberlake #pricelessmiami @fillmoremb

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The Fillmore is a pretty small venue to begin with. Coupled with the fact that it was being marketed as a small, intimate event, and the fact that I got there ridiculously early, I was able to grab my drank (a margarita, natch) and camp out pretty close to the stage.

Unrelated anecdote: Even though the event was 21+, I still got carded at the bar. HILARIOUS, AND AWESOME. The old turd behind me in the line yelled at the bartender, saying, “They checked our ID’s at the door! You don’t have to card her!” I just yelled back, “BUDDY I AM ALMOST THIRTY HE CAN CARD ME ALL HE WANTS.”

I am the most charming person alive. *hair flip.* ANYWAY.

Last night. #latergram #fillmore

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J.Tim arrived fashionably late due to the Legends of Summer show being delayed, but there was a DJ at the show keeping the oldies dancing and the rest of us from falling asleep. Seriously, there were a lot of elderly couples making out at this show. It was a little awkward. Whateva, get it get it, I guess.

THREE SEMI-AGONIZING HOURS LATER, Justin finally went on stage around 2:30AM. AHHHH.

No but seriously. #swoon #justintimberlake #latergram #fillmore

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It was as magical as can be expected. Actually, it exceeded all expectations. I have to say, although I adore Justin Timberlake and have been a fan since his MMC days, I have never had much of a crush on him. I’ve just always wanted to be his very best friend and hang out on his yacht. Yeah. But A PARADIGM WAS SHIFTED DURING THIS SHOW, PEOPLE. I FELL INTO HIS TRAP. We must have made eye contact like, 3 or 4 or 18 times and, well, SWOON. I’m officially in love. Sorry, Jessica Biel.

Justin played all my favorite songs, which is mostly a whole bunch of stuff from FutureSex/LoveSound and Justified, and some from 20/20 as well. Overall it was just a super fun set that everyone could sing along and dance to.

Apologizing in advance for the quality because I am NOT a videographer by any stretch of the imagination, I’ll let the videos do the rest of the talking:


A video posted by Celisse Wordpower (@cleeez) on

#lovestoned @justintimberlake #pricelessmiami I'm in LOOOOVE. 😍😍😍😍😍

A video posted by Celisse Wordpower (@cleeez) on

So, yeah. Great show and I’m so excited I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with a legend. THANKS, UNIVERSE!

SBC Episode 3: Keys to the City, an Honorary Sham.

24 Nov

itunes pic

In this episode I discuss the lack of ~*~BLACK FRIDAY DEALS~*~*, ask questions about Keys to the City, and judge the Kardashians. A lot. Leave comments at and follow me on Twitter at!

Sassy Brunette Chronicles: EMERGENCY CARCAST – I Hate Halloween

1 Nov


Halloween is my least favorite holiday for many different reasons. I go into detail about the most recent reason for my Halloween Hatred in this EMERGENCY EPISODE of the SBC, recorded from my other studio, my car.

Also, while you’re out and about on the innernets, check out my podcast nemesis,!

Sassy Brunette Chronicles: Episode 1.

19 Oct

So I’ve been podcasting for a long time, but I took a bit of a break from it for the past, I don’t know… four years or something. This is my entry back into the ridiculous world of talking into a mic for 7 minutes straight alone in my room.

Anyway I just submitted it today to iTunes so cross your fingers and I will hopefully be coming soon to a media player near you! In the mean time you can visit and subscribe to the SBC on PodOMatic by visiting!

An Introduction, and A Birthday

21 May

Okay, listen. I started this blog up in January, and I must admit that 90% of the reason that I have, until now, not posted a single thing onto it is because I am useless and cannot come up with a cute header. Sigh. I am about thisclose to doodling something on the Paper app and just throwing that up there.

Anyway, HELLO. My name is Celisse and I’m a sassy brunette.

Sassy brunettes are in right now, guys. I know you know it. We’ve all been watching New Girl and The B In Apt 23 (omg Dawson!) and Girls and reading Hello Giggles (in an ironic barfy way, right?) and listening to The Dum Dum Girls. 2012 has been the year of the sassy raven haired ladies to stand up and start blogs and write tv shows and get book deals, and NOW IT’S MY TURN.

…right? Whatever.

The point is, listen, it was my birthday week this week and I am ready to get this ball rollin’. You will read about some things here. They will all be about my life and the ridiculous things I love and hate and that happen to me. In addition to personal topics I will also cover entertainment and some sports (hello ~*~*the Olympics~*~* is starting soon) and other pretty lady things like beauty because I like to spend all of my money on sushi and nail polish.

You will also probably read a bit about my ridiculous job and co-workers, because my job and co-workers are so ridiculous, you guys. Also, let’s be honest here, I spend 50+ hours a week working and if not for the hilarious work-related happenings of my life, I would have no content for this blog. That is a fancy blog way of saying I have no life outside of work. Sigh.

In any case I hope you will enjoy my sassy ridiculousness, and here is a photo of my birthday cake upon which was emblazoned a photo of Ryan Gosling:



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