An Introduction, and a Birthday

Okay, listen. I started this blog up in January, and I must admit that 90% of the reason that I have, until now, not posted a single thing onto it is because I am useless and cannot come up with a cute header. Sigh. I am about thisclose to doodling something on the Paper app and just throwing that up there.

Anyway, HELLO. My name is Celisse and I’m a sassy brunette.

Sassy brunettes are in right now, guys. I know you know it. We’ve all been watching New Girl and The B In Apt 23 (omg Dawson!) and Girls and reading Hello Giggles (in an ironic barfy way, right?) and listening to The Dum Dum Girls. 2012 has been the year of the sassy raven haired ladies to stand up and start blogs and write tv shows and get book deals, and NOW IT’S MY TURN.

…right? Whatever.

The point is, listen, it was my birthday week this week and I am ready to get this ball rollin’. You will read about some things here. They will all be about my life and the ridiculous things I love and hate and that happen to me. In addition to personal topics I will also cover entertainment and some sports (hello ~*~*the Olympics~*~* is starting soon) and other pretty lady things like beauty because I like to spend all of my money on sushi and nail polish.

You will also probably read a bit about my ridiculous job and co-workers, because my job and co-workers are so ridiculous, you guys. Also, let’s be honest here, I spend 50+ hours a week working and if not for the hilarious work-related happenings of my life, I would have no content for this blog. That is a fancy blog way of saying I have no life outside of work. Sigh.

In any case I hope you will enjoy my sassy ridiculousness, and here is a photo of my birthday cake upon which was emblazoned a photo of Ryan Gosling:


I was a sassy brunette. Then I was a sassy bluenette. Now I'm a full on blonde, but no matter the hair color, I'm still super sassy.
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